Mold Removal

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While there are common types of mold that every home has – in the bathroom, sink, kitchen, etc. – that are disposed of with commercial mold removal solutions, there are many other types of mold that indicate a larger problem. Large areas (a few feet, for example) of mold can certainly be a problem that is best solved by a professional company. Due to the potential health risks that mold inherently carries, mold is not something you want to take a chance with. If you are unsure whether to call a professional, then play it safe and call First Response Restoration.

Mold problems require a trained and competent company, someone who knows the hazards and procedures, and can completely remove it all the first time. We offer mold removal services using the latest procedures and equipment available. Due to size and permeation of some types of mold growths, it is not an easy task to identify the source. Sometimes the culprit can be HVAC systems, under carpets or flooring, inside concrete cracks, or wood surfaces. We can identify the source of the mold, as well as address any related water damage, cleanup the mold, dry the area out and repair or restore the entire damaged area.

Mold Specialists

First Response Restoration has an array of services for efficient and complete mold removal for your home or business. Our goal is to keep mold contamination from spreading and prevent it from returning in the future. Our technicians are IICRC Certified, and using state-of-the-art equipment we execute exact procedures to make sure the mold is safely removed. We also offer complete water damage services, so if the source of the mold was a water leak or water-related, we are able to dry it out and repair any damage caused by the water and the mold.

  • Licensed Mold Removal Contractor
  • Trained Technicians for Mold Removal
  • High End Mold Removal Technology
  • Controlled Removal of Affected Materials
  • Complete Cleanup, Repair and Restoration

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